About me

« The hairdresser who lost her hair »

My name is Manon Lebel and I am the “The hairdresser who lost her hair”.

In November 2018, in a span of two weeks, I lost approximately 80% of my hair. I was having an episode of alopecia areata which is an auto-immune disease. Fortunately, this skin disease wasn’t life threatening. On the other hand, my femininity was a little shaken. Hair is very important for most women.

In this particular moment in my life, naturally, I turned to caps and headwraps to which I would add false bangs. Because I am a hairdresser, I had easy access to them. From there, an idea emerged of making a unique and high-quality product. My childhood friend, Jacinthe Ayotte joined me in this adventure. Having been personally touched by the cancer cause through her mother, she felt a calling and didn’t hesitate to participate in the project of Les Bonnets Joy.